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I have put the following new procedures and protocols into place. They may seem tedious and redundant, but they are to ease everyone’s mind and safety for health during this time of COVID19. Also, please keep in mind that these protocols are not forever, but will slowly change as everything progresses.
Please complete the COVID-19 BC Self-Assessment tool at and email a screen shot to either the day of, or the day before EACH appointment or print it out and bring with you.
Please wait in your car or outside my home until I either come out to get you or send you a text (depending on the weather!!). The Rainbow Room is no longer available as a waiting room or a place to nurse your baby after treatment. Also it means at this time, sadly, that siblings can no longer play in the Rainbow Room. 
If bringing a baby for treatment, only 2 people can come in (mother and 1 other support person). Please take your baby out of the car seat, leave the car seat in the car and carry the infant in your arms 
Adults must wear a face mask. If you do not have one, a disposable mask will be available for $1.00. Please minimize what you bring in with you. 
For babies over 1 month of age, please bring age appropriate toys with which to entertain your baby while I am working with the infant. 
Adults, for your comfort, please bring your own warm blanket in a bag as I do not want to share blankets with clients. 
Adults please wash your hands in the washroom to the right at the top of the stairs before going in the treatment room. For a parent carrying a baby, please bring baby into treatment room and place on table with me, then go to the washroom to wash your hands.
In the washroom, there are individual towels for your use, discard in silver bucket beside the toilet
Stay home if you are sick (or showing any signs or symptoms). As is always my policy there is no cancellation fee for sickness 
I will be wearing a washable mask. Please note that it is allergy season for me, so I may sneeze or cough but it is not COVID related!
 All surfaces that might be touched will be steam cleaned between clients. This means that I will be asking clients to leave as quickly as possible at the end of their treatment to allow me time to do this before the next client. If you are late, I will not be able to make up any time as I need the 15 minutes I allow between clients to do the cleaning.
I will still be accepting cash and cheques as is my normal practise but please bring your cash in a baggy and I will have appropriate change also in baggies to give you.
I am very excited to be able to return to working with clients and I so look forward to catching up with you and helping with any health issues that have arisen over the last couple of months. 

Ada-Lou Ellett BSR
Listening Hands Physiotherapy