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                                SUNNY MY FOREVER PARTNER

You will see throughout the website pictures and mention of my little therapy dog, Sunny. Although God took him home July 13, 2016 after 13 years of being my treating partner in Listening Hands, I am honouring him by keeping him as part of the website. During each hour-long treatment, he would quietly lie on the client. His small paws, placed on the client's chest or legs infusing them with pure warm energy, were llke a second pair of hands. With my toddler clients he would play ball, providing a wonderful distraction as I treated them. He will be sorely missed, but his spirit will always be part of Listening Hands Physiotherapy.

                                     TREATMENT ROOM

Here in my home, a soft gentle atmosphere fills the treatment room, washed in light from a huge window overlooking a garden filled with flowers. You will immediately feel relaxed, safe. thus preparing ALL of you to work with me.

​                                                                      RAINBOW ROOM

In the privacy of this peaceful room, wait for treatment, rest after a treatment. For moms, enjoy waiting with siblings, watch TV, read, play with them while your other child is being treated. Often, if both mom and child are receiving treatment, the child can play or watch TV safely while mom has her treatment. Then mom can rest while the young child is treated. It is often used for treating babies or toddlers who need to be in the safety of mom's lap initially. The homey atmosphere is conducive to nursing your baby successfully after a Cranial session.

                                       FIREPLACE MAGIC

On a cold winter's day, treating in front of the fireplace works magic to help your baby relax!

​                                 TREATMENT IN MY HOME

Unlike the traditional sterile office building, even on the gloomiest of West Coast days, my sunshine yellow home will bring a smile to your face as it greets you with a warm welcome.
                                   YOU WILL BE HEARD!

My name is Ada-Lou Ellett BSR. I am a UBC Graduate with Honours(1966), with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences (Physical and Occupational Therapy).

To learn more about me, my philosophy and how I deliver the treatments, click "About Me". For information about what types of problems I treat, please click "Techniques". For specific information about newborns, infants and children, click "Pediatrics". For more detailed internet information on all techniques, click "Links."

Welcome to Listening Hands Physiotherapy, where you will experience a unique, innovative and holistic approach to physiotherapy delivered in a peaceful, tranquil setting.

I believe that treating each person as a whole, encompassing mind, soul and body, is crucial to achieve healing. I listen to the body and do what it needs, rather than enforce upon it my preconceived idea of what I think it should do. In a world where the ability and willingness to listen are fast becoming lost arts, at Listening Hands Physiotherapy,
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6 years after his passing, in 2022, I became the proud "mother" of Shiloh, another papillon. He will never replace Sunny who was an amazing therapy dog, but he does bring joy to me and to my clients when he is not being a nuaghty teenager!