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1. Below knee amputee, severe phantom pain

January 2013

Ada-Lou saved my life!  It's that simple.  I was in chronic pain for years due to a left below knee amputation.  I had tried a pain clinic to no avail, I had tried various prescriptions to no avail, but when a colleague mentioned her name and that she had helped her with her pain issues I figured why not, what have I to lose.  Taking a leap of faith into unknown territory, I called her and we spoke.  I found her honesty and integrity a breath of fresh air.  She also told me that if she hadn't helped me in three sessions, then she would not be able to.

Over the time I have seen Ada-Lou, she has kept me out of a wheel chair, encouraged me to join a gym and get healthier. I still have mobility issues, but these are liveable.   I still have pain but nothing like before.  Unless you have experienced phantom pain, you cannot describe it! I was having bolts of electricity shooting out of my residual limb, and muscle spasms through my back and neck.  I went to work and came home exhausted and had no energy for anything else.  This was not the life I wanted!

After a couple of weeks of having her treat me, my shoulders dropped and I started to sleep better, and have more energy.  I can now walk farther, complete a full day's work and then go to the gym.  If anyone has chronic pain, I would urge you to try Ada-Lou's treatment plan.  She is amazing, and we have had some great discussions. 

Ada-Lou is aware of my many health issues and has helped me deal with them. She was not afraid to take me on as a client when other health practitioners said no due to pre-existing conditions.  If you want to try something unconventional, I would not hesitate to recommend Ada-Lou.  She is using God's gift to heal the body.


2 - Kate

November 2012

Dear Ada-Lou,

You and Sunny have changed my life! To walk around knowing that angels do exist will live with me and my family forever. 
May your spirit never dim, your hands never go tired, and may the angels around you give you strength always. 
You are my angel.


3 - Cindy

June 6/2014

3 months ago I was crippled with pain in my shoulders and arms, taking pain pills daily and limiting my activities so my arms would hopefully get me through work.  I had also been seeing a chiropractor weekly for 25 years due to scoliosis and neck injuries. I wasted years waiting to see specialists, I even had an arm surgery to help relieve the pain with no success and was a patient at a chronic pain clinic getting injections into my trigger points for awhile.  Then I heard about Ada Lou and after only a handful of treatments I no longer see a chiropractor, come home from work with energy instead of crippling pain and feel like I am getting my life back.  She has changed my life!! 

Cindy Plamondon 

         Times Article written by Teija Beck October 2012      

Ada-Lou Ellett has been practising physiotherapy and therapeutic touch from her home for six years.  Fascia is like a spiderweb of connective tissues that exists throughout the body, running vertically and horizontally, surrounding muscles, bloodvessels and nerves, and binding those structures together neatly.  Unlike muscles, when fascia  tightened up through an injury, you cannot simply stretch them out. You can consciously move the really tight area, but that pulling will only tighten the fascia more.

In her practice, Listening Hands  Physiotherapy, Pitt Meadows resident Ada-Lou Ellett uses her hands in a technique called myofascial release to release tight fascia in her patients’ bodies. While Ellett is a registered physiotherapist, since 1991 she has been practising therapeutic touch and other holistic techniques, incorporating the “science” of mainstream physiotherapy with nontraditional healing methods. 

“Sometimes where you feel the pain isn’t the source of the problem,” Ellett said. “It could be a problem with energy and alignment from elsewhere in the body.. What I do is find the source of your problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.”

With the help of her dog Sunny, who she says is a source of pure positive energy, Ellett has provided therapy to clients from across the Lower Mainland out of her Pitt Meadows home for about six years.“Energy is really important in the work I do,” she said. “You can tell from the room: there are no machines anywhere... and with the huge window, negative energy can just go out.”

Ellett said the energy she portrays during sessions is crucial, because her own positive energy will help her patients’ energy change. “Negative energy, trapped in our body, can create all sorts of physical symptoms that modern medicine —traditional Western medicine — just doesn’t acknowledge,” Ellett said.

Ellett graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine (BSR), both physical and occupational therapy, in 1966. She worked with patients with arthritis and with children for many years, but it was only after she saw a presentation on therapeutic touch in Kelowna that Ellett was inspired to take courses in holistic healing.

Today, Ellett treats about 22 clients per week, from newborn babies, to car accident victims, to women suffering from fibromyalgia. “I work with the whole body,” Ellett said. “The pain will spread from where the initial injury is, so by getting in there and using many differtent techniques, including therapeutic touch, you can actually reverse alot of the injury.”

While alternate healing does not appeal to everyone, Ellett says the clients she sees believe in her treatments, and their belief helps them heal.

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