3 month old baby Eli

Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2018 10:06:02 AM
Subject: Testimonial

At around 3 months of age, we noticed that our son had a significant preference for turning and sleeping on only one  side. We brought it to the attention of our GP who suggested a "wait and see" approach. We wanted to be more   proactive  about the issue and wished to work with someone who specialized in infant physiotherapy. The moment we   met Ada-Lou, we knew our son was in good hands. She listened to our concerns and immediately made us feel that   physiotherapy would help these issues.

Our son enjoyed every single session and often fell asleep during treatment as he was so relaxed. She made the  exercises and stretching enjoyable for him and taught us many simple, yet effective moves to practice at home.
Ada-Lou also got us connected with the HeadShape Clinic where our son had a free assessment. The assessment   results showed that our son had moderate plagiocephaly and recommended the use of an Orthotic helmet. We likely   would not have heard of this resource if it wasn't for Ada-Lou.
  After 8 sessions, our son is far more flexible, has shown remarkable improvement with his neck strength and now   sleeps on both side of his head. We are so grateful to have worked with Ada-Lou and would recommend her to any   parent who thinks their child may benefit from physiotherapy. 

  Dan, Erin & Eli

6 week old baby Aerius

Email March 26, 2018 (printed with permission) from mother of 6 week old Aerius expressing her appreciation for treatment. Very traumatic birth followed by 1 week in NICU. Had 3 treatments.

Subject: Thank you Ada-Lou!

Good evening Ada-Lou,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your work with Aerius. I notice such a difference in him - I can feel his energy has shifted and I believe the trauma from birth is truly behind us. His first session was such an intense and powerful healing experience. I felt so connected with him through the session and I could feel everything he was re-living and releasing. Through the energetic work you did with him, I could feel him release the trauma he was holding onto from his unfortunate week spent in the hospital after birth. When he finally started to really let go, I felt tears come to my eyes as I was reminded of the pain he must have endured in those first days of life that I wish could have been avoided. With your loving help, he was able to let go of those past traumatic experiences so we could move forward without those memories causing issues. It was so amazing to see how he responded to your voice and allowed you to help him through his emotional trauma. Through your touch, you have helped relieve tension and tightness in his little body so he can be more relaxed and comfortable as he should feel. The angry outbursts he was having with feedings have subsided and now he is so much more content at my breast. You gave him his voice back and I am so grateful to you for the work you have done with him. You are a very special lady!

Thank you so much for everything!!! 

1 week old baby 

Sent: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 

Please see below testimonial: 

I gave birth to my son after 30 hours of labor and an high level of amniotic fluid. When he was born the doctors were concerned he may have an infection or wet lung so they placed him in the NICU only two hours after I had given birth and little skin to skin time. When he was placed in the NICU they asked if I wanted to breast feed which I said I did however the nursing staff did little in the way of teaching me to feed him and did not come get me for feeds. They ended up giving him a bottle with a fast flow nipple and soother which led to nipple confusion and him completely rejecting my breast. 

My husband and I were then directed to tube feed our son with a Syringe. Speaking with a girlfriend about my story she recommended Ada-Lou. Ada-Lou got us in the following day, my son was then just shy of a week old. After two sessions with Ada-Lou, my son started to breast feed. I can’t tell you how amazing she is with newborns and parents, she has incredible healing power and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for our little family.

Ashlie States

Six-week old baby Ellie

October 2017  

I am so glad to have found Ada-Lou. My six-week old daughter would hold her body very stiff and seemed to be very uncomfortable with hands tightly fisted. Ada-Lou diagnosed a tight dural tube and we began treatment. My daughter seemed to love the treatment, falling asleep peacefully while Ada-Lou did her magic. Five minutes of work on her hands and her fingers and thumbs relaxed and open much more easily and she was able to start grasping things. She sent us home with exercises that my daughter loves to do. Ada-Lou has a definite gift with babies. After treatment my daughter was definitely more mobile with her movements and more relaxed. The whole experience was great and was a special bonding time for myself and my daughter. And it took only three treatments.

Ellie is definitely progressing - starting to hold her head up really nicely during tummy time, and the hands continue to open up!

Thanks again,

Jennifer Urbaniuk and Ellie Sinclair

3 Month old Piper

May 5, 2012

My wife and I brought (at the time), our 3month old daughter Piper, to see Ada-Lou. Piper had been having colic issues for approximately 6 1/2 weeks and was also arching her back in discomfort when we held her close to, and facing towards us. After the first treatment we saw immediate results with Piper's demeanor. She was calm, able to sleep, playful and was able to sit hunched over for the first time. Her sleep patterns improved slightly also. We continued to see Ada-Lou for 5 more treatments and Piper's colic and spinal issues have all but disappeared.

Ada-Lou is a master at her craft and a true, caring professional who treats her "little ones" with utmost care and respect. We thank you Ada-Lou for helping our daughter through her discomfort, and for being there for us as parents as a comforter and wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Jason, Sara, and Piper

UPDATE from Mom LIFECHANGING for whole family! Included is the website with an amazing testimonial which prompted her to send this update. A detailed description of baby’s problems, the treatment and result from a mother’s perspective.

Hi Ada-Lou

I’m not sure if you’ll remember my little family or not, but I came across this article on facebook about you and it brought tears to my eyes.  

My husband Jason and I brought our daughter Piper to you at 3 months old, in Feb 2012. She was c-section and had some dural tightness that made her arch her back and scream in pain continuously.

Thank you, just THANK YOU 100 times over for being such a dedicated, loving woman. You are a gift to our world!

Jason has been working towards pediatric cranio because you made such a difference in our lives. I am also on a journey to feed my soul by becoming a doula. We were both moved into more meaningful paths simply because we saw that one person CAN make a difference.

Here’s the article that made me want to drop you a note: http://www.nourishbirthservices.com/news--blog--information.html

And a pic of our sweet girl Piper Michaela. 

 4 Month old Emma

October 5, 2011

I was recommended to see Ada-Lou by various Doulas who had seen her in action. I was apprehensive at first not knowing anything about cranial-sacral work.

My baby girl is four months old but had a very traumatic birth. She was a placenta abruption and consequently a crash c-section during which there was a chance neither her nor I would make it. She spent three weeks in the NICU and then came home. When she came home her main issues were that she had difficulty latching, would never sleep on her back, cried, cried if we put her down, always favoured her left side. She had to be held nearly all the time.

Ada-Lou warned me that my daughter would most probably cry, but instead of saying "it's ok" instead to say "I can hear you, I am listening, I am here". It was amazing to see the physical releases that Ada-Lou created in her.

I saw Ada-Lou for four sessions and now my baby is so much happier, more flexible, has no latching problems, can see her feet, and plays with her feet, and is now able to be put down. For the first time in 20 weeks she has slept by herself in her crib throughout the night....amazing!

I only wish I had seen Ada-Lou sooner, but most of all I wish more people knew about her and the incredible work she can do to children. If only the NICU had recommended cranio-sacral work.

Ada-Lou is a kind gentle spirit and I would fully recommend her, especially if you have a child who has suffered a traumatic birth of any sort.

Emma and her baby daughter

Four month old Bodhi

December 2013
Bodhi's mother is a Doula, Holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor.

Ada-Lou is treating Bodhi in picture above.

2 weeks ago I took my son Bodhi to see Ada-Lou Ellett of Listening Hands Physiotherapy. He had 3 treatments within a 10 day period and I must say the results have been very interesting and quite outstanding! I've been meaning to take Bodhi in since he was born, I'm so glad I finally made the move to do it, the sooner the better however it's never too late!

There was shoulder dystocia when he was born, meaning his shoulder was stuck behind my pelvis for a few waves after I pushed his head out. Usually once the head is out the rest of the body follows with the next wave...in my case 2 waves went by and no body. My next move was climbing out of the pool which alone helped to dislodge his shoulder, once I got onto the bed with knees to chest and some support from the midwife he joined us earthside! Yay! What a relief! 

Since then I knew that some type of treatment would be of benefit for my sweet little guy. Would it be massage, chiropractic or cranial sacral? All excellent choices although I seemed to be drawn to cranial sacral therapy which led me to Ada-Lou. 

First let me tell you some of the symptoms & behaviors I noticed in Bodhi before he began his treatments:
• Difficulty latching onto the right breast
• Pterodactyl style screaming with diaper changes!
• Car seat was on & off, sometimes he didn't mind and other times the pterodactyl would join us!
• Not able to lift his right arm without lifting his shoulder
• Difficulty lifting his right arm higher than shoulder height and when he did his arm would be completely straight with a very tight fist
• He favored looking to his left side most of the time. When I tried to coerce him to look to the right he would get angry and seemed to be in some pain...poor guy!
• We could not see his neck because his shoulders were up so high to compensate for the imbalance 
• Body seemed quite stiff for a little baby, he liked to arch his body rather than have the rounded curled in shape
• His body did a C-curve to the side and his right shoulder was noticeably higher than the left.
• He favored tilting his head to the left
• He seemed to nurse quite often which I thought was normal for my little guy.
Fast forward to now...a few days after his final (3rd) treatment. First of all, Ada-Lou is a wonderful lady! She was so sweet and gentle with Bodhi, she had him smiling & cooing most of the time. She never did anything that hurt him and she supported & encouraged him as he moved tension out of his body. I sat there with them throughout all 3 treatments also encouraging & supporting my little man...he worked so hard! After each treatment he had a good deep sleep for several hours.

Some of the changes I've noticed:
• The C-curve is no longer! His body is beautifully aligned
• His shoulders are even. Every once in awhile he'll lift his shoulder with his arm due to the previous muscle memory. I work with him to hold the shoulder down when we're playing
• His body feels & looks so much looser and flexible and he's starting to reach for his feet
• He's looking to the right & left with ease
• He has a neck and we're starting to see it!!
• His right arm has a nice bend in it rather than always being straight, it moves up & down & all around and his hand is soft and open allowing him to grab for even more things! There go my dangly earrings!
• He's very happy in the car seat...as long as he's fed!
• His latch seemed to correct itself months ago but his body feels much more relaxed when he nurses on the right side
• Although he hasn't been crying much with diaper changes in the last few months, he's showing much more comfort in his body by curling in rather than always wanting to be in a flexed position which is what may have been causing him discomfort on the change table
• He seems to be nursing less than he was. About every 2 hours now rather than every 45min-1 hour.

Yes...this has all happened in the last 10 days. I'm very happy, excited and impressed with this technique. It can be very beneficial for babies because they don't have as much muscle memory as adults do so the healing can happen very quickly. It can help to reverse an imbalance and also prevent one from happening. My suggestion is if you're thinking about it, just do it right away rather than waiting, especially for a baby, the younger the easier and quicker to correct. You may think that the imbalance has corrected itself because they stop showing discomfort but often what happens is they adapt to the imbalance in the body.

I highly recommend Ada Lou and her wonderful healing hands! It's worth the trip to her bright & sunny home in Pitt Meadows. She taught me some techniques to do with Bodhi and things to look out for to make sure he's on the right track as he moves through leaps and bounds in these key developmental years. I'm so grateful to have found her and discovered this gentle & highly effective technique!

3 month old Kayden

July 2014
My three month old son has been seen by Ada-Lou three times now and he has his last session next week. The transformation has been amazing and Kayden seems comfortable and happier than ever! I had a very long labour and long pushing stage, eventually to have Kayden be born with the help of the vacuum. We have been having breastfeeding issues since day 1. We have had thrush, blocked milk ducts, milk blisters and a lot of pain for both of us! My son would nurse for maybe 5 minutes at a time and would never fall asleep while nursing. If I tried nursing him before he was starving, he would scream as soon as I put him the nursing position. We tried all different positions, but nothing helped. With the help of Ada-Lou, he is now nursing for at least 10-15 minutes at a time, gets excited to nurse and has even fallen asleep while nursing! 

He also hated his car seat and would cry anytime we would strap him in. On the drive home from our first treatment I was shocked that he just sat there quietly and eventually fell asleep on his own without his soother, which has never happened!

I wish I had taken Kayden sooner and that the hospital would recommend CranioSacral Therapy to everyone! I will be taking my next child to see Ada-Lou as soon after birth that I can.

Alex and Kayden

9 month old Oliver and Ayrton July 2014

I brought my twin boys to see Ada-Lou after hearing about her through a friend of a friend. I wish I had taken them sooner as she is amazing and helped them immensely.

My main concern was with Oliver. At 9 months he still was not sitting, despite the fact he had very good core strength from his love of tummy time! I was starting to get frustrated because I knew that he "could" he just "wouldn't." He constantly pushed back and arched and always seemed very "tight." After one session he was totally relaxed! My husband and I continued to work with him as instructed and within 1 week he was sitting and pulling forward into a crawl, and sitting back down again! I only went for two sessions in total since he made such improvements! Ada-Lou is very skilled in her profession as well as one on one. She plays and interacts with them and you can tell she loves what she does! To be honest I didn't even think my other son, Ayrton, needed much help with anything. I thought he was a bit behind with his gross motor skills but I quickly discovered at the first session that he had no defensive reflex. Once again, it didn't take long for him to learn and by the second session he developed those reflexes!

It has been 2 weeks since our last visit and I can't even believe how quickly they have progressed. Oliver now sits without issue and Ayrton always puts his hands out and braces himself if he is going to fall over. Ada-Lou is always kind and gentle and is truly a master of her craft. I would highly recommend her to everyone!

 Janice, Oliver, and Ayrton

7 week old Colby

July 2014
I took my daughter to see Ada-Lou because she was clearly uncomfortable and screamed for hours on end. After 2 treatments she was a different baby. Not only did Ada-Lou fix any physical elements she might have been struggling with, but she helped my daughter and I connect. Ada-Lou really has the healing power of touch"

See the before and after videos I took of my daughter Colby at 7 weeks!!


Baby Edwin

December 2010
Dear Ada-Lou,

Thank you so much for treating Edwin. I cannot believe how well he has been doing since he started seeing you. He started crawling a few days before his six month birthday. He started pulling himself to stand at 6 ½ months. I am happy to announce that he is till sleeping ten – eleven hours at night. He plays well, eats well, poops well , I don’t have anything to complain. I am sure your “magic” contributed significantly for his being such a happy baby. 

Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sachie and Edwin
5 Year old Emma. 3 month old Aryana, and mom 

April 2013

My first daughter had a very long and hard labour. She was miserable from the start. The colic started within the first week of her arrival and lasted well until she was 7 months old. Stressful doesn’t even begin to describe the first 7 months of her life. Eating was a constant challenge and sleep was fleeting at best. We struggled through it, trying everything but unfortunately we had not yet met Ada-Lou. It would take us 5 long years and the birth of our second daughter before we would meet Ada-Lou (referred to us by our birth doula) My eldest daughter, the colic baby, still chronically complains about her stomach and the discomfort in her body. We have tried everything from traditional western medicine to non-traditional therapies gaining short term relief but nothing that has lasted. 

Only since we have been seeing Ada-Lou has she made a remarkable shift. The complaints have diminished significantly and she is all around a much happier child. My daughter loves going to see Ada-Lou and if it’s been a few weeks will ask “when can I see her again?”. Ada-Lou has a natural rapport with children that puts them at ease. The sessions for my daughter are fun, well paced and she always leaves saying how peaceful she feels in her heart. 

Our youngest baby who struggles with reflux and projectile vomiting has also improved significantly since seeing Ada-Lou. There are always some tears to start but at the end of every session she is smiling and very content. Ada-Lou is very perceptive and follows our daughter’s cues. Striking that delicate balance of releasing the constrictions in her body with the least amount of intervention. She is very respectful and nurturing. Creating a safe place for both mother and child. 

Now. after seeing the improvement in my children I thought it was time for me to hop on Ada-Lou’s table and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. Ada-Lou has the ability to go to the root of issue in the body and release it. The treatments are so beneficial that I don’t even think twice about packing the family up to drive 45 minutes both ways so we can all be treated. 

Leah, Emma, Aryana

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To: "Ada-lou Ellett" <lhphysio@shaw.ca>
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2020 7:56:06 PM
Subject: Ada Lou Reference 2 week old and 3 month old

We want to thank you for the fine work you did for us with our 3 month old daughter, and most recently our 2 week old son.
Our experience in 2018 was so positive with our daughter, that we didn't wait, and had our son looked at sooner than later.

We initially took our daughter after 3 months as we couldn't get her to sleep, and noticed her crying significantly. After a few visits, these issues had subsided, and we were able to regain some semblance of balance.
... being first time parents, we needed HELP... Ada Lou was able to give us that needed assistance.

This time around we didn't wait. After two weeks we took our son Xander, to have him looked at and addressed. Again, she worked her magic in just 2 treatments and we are very happy!

My wife and myself think of her as the "baby whisperer", because of the connection she had almost immediately with our young children. We are very happy, and definitely recommend everyone to use Ada Lou's services.

Thank you once again,
Kelly, Iona, Sophia and Xander Matiowsky
August 2020

Date: March 6, 2021
Hi Ada-Lou!

As promised, here is my message:

3rd pregnancy with our beloved Baby Whisperer and 1st Virtual Experience from across the country...
Ada-Lou prepared me and baby for our scheduled c-section on a physical, mental and emotional level. Stretches and massages were practiced during our meetings and dietary recommendations were given by Ada-Lou. 
Baby Toby was born February 25th SMILING moments after birth and HAPPY ever since! 
A million thanks to our beloved Baby Whisperer who has been with us for our 4yr old, 2yr old 
and now our newborn. Virtual healing has worked wonders and we are so happy to be able to get treatment from across the country anytime!! 

Sincerely, the Vilgrain family