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I am a UBC graduate with HONOURS, with a BSR (Bachelor of Rehabilitation Sciences - combined Occupational and Physical Therapy) . As a new grad, I worked as the first ever combined PT/OT therapist for the Arthritis Society, next as a Neurological Physiotherapist at Vancouver General Hospital, then for 7 years as a Pediatric Physiotherapist for the Okanagan Child Development Centre.

To honour my personal philosophical goals and provide comprehensive, hands-on treatment, I began my own private practice in 1991.

My varied life experiences, in conjunction with my training and practise as both a PT and OT enable me to reach out to all clients and parents seeking someone to listen to them, to understand and to offer hope to alleviate the problems.  It is most important for you as the client to be empowered, to know you are in control and that YOU can make a difference. I only facilitate this process.

As a registered physical therapist, I use an eclectic, holistic approach to therapy. The youngest client I have ever treated was 3 hours old, the oldest is 102 years young! I  love my work; to be able to help facilitate the lessening of pain, increase mobility, ease emotional stresses which so often impact our physical beings, all are a blessing to me.

Having had a difficult baby myself years ago, I am now dedicated to helping newborns, babies and toddlers (and thus parents!) find relief from the inner tension of poor functioning CranioSacral systems and emotional trauma from difficult pregnancies and birith experiences 

I have a great deal of life experience, having taught swimming, diving, piano, did my solo flight in a small plane, owned my own horse, did scuba diving.  A friend and I started the Association for Learning Disabled Children in Kelowna (as a result of dealing with my son's issues) which became one of the most active groups in BC. 

Personally, in the past I loved to spend time with my 2 grandkids, skiing, bike riding, swimming, camping, even playing hockey and soccer with them! I've done Wild Play with my grandson and aerial trapeze with my granddaughter. Now they are flying the coop to play soccer at university in the States! I am active in my church  Reading, gardening, spending quality time with friends are also important to me.

Prior to COVID I went to Nairobi, Kenya to work with one of the schools in the slums. There I taught some of the techniques for healing that I use to the teachers and the parents as well as the children themselves. Because it was all hands-on treatment, there was no equipment needed. While there, I became close to 2 different individuals, one a young girl whom I am now helping complete her master's degree and a father (and young son) who lost his only source of income with the demise of the tourist industry during COVID (and it still hasn't recovered due to political unrest). I am blessed to have such wonderful connections and it is extremely gratifying knowing that I am able to help these people directly, now and into the future. 

Now, in 2023, at 78, I hike and do vigourous nordic pole walking with my 1 year old Papillon Shiloh! This fall I hope to do Agility training with him. I continue to bike whenever it is possible. I am even hoping to get back into downhill skiing this coming winter, but due to osteoporosis, I will have to be satisfied with blue runs to eliminate the possibility of falling!  

Although I now only work 4 days a week, I have absolutely no intention of retiring! 

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